The crypto jungle is dangerous and unforgiving. Venturing alone can lead to missed turns and fatal errors.

Jungool provides members access to elite trading tools, top market analysts, and a community of like-minded traders in order to find and profit off opportunities on Ethereum + Solana.

Exclusive Alpha

As veterans of the jungle, we recognize the value of sharing knowledge. Top analysts are here to provide members with exclusive insights into various opportunities in the crypto space.

Magic Monitors

Our bots use an advanced filtration system to find good coins at launch. Receive alerts far before others catch on!

Token Sniping

Buy tokens at top speed with one click. Our bot optimizes gas + slippage to ensure your transactions beat the line.

Position Management

Manage positions through Discord. Buy, view profit, and sell on the go. No more missooors or bag holding.

Watch Pockets

Our bot finds the wallets of top traders, influencers, and insidors. Follow the smart money and receive alerts when they buy + sell.


Auto-buy gems we dig up, or watch any wallet to mirror their buys + sells. Follow telegram channels to auto-buy calls.

Social Watch

Our bots track Elon, Vitalik, and many other influencers in the space. Receive alerts for related tokens whenever they tweet.

Social Tools

• Receive alerts when influencers mention projects.

• Weaponize a curated, aggregated feed of the best Twitter + Telegram accounts in the space.

Token Analysis

• In-depth anaylsis of every new token at launch, providing all the information necessary to decide if you want to buy in.

• Holder tool shows distribution, whale and sniper wallets.